Pottery Classes in San Antonio

Unleash Your Inner Artist with Pottery Classes in San Antonio: Welcome to the captivating world of pottery, where artistry meets clay, and creativity knows no bounds! If you’re in San Antonio and have been longing to explore your artistic side, look no further than the fantastic pottery classes that await you.

From seasoned potters seeking to refine their craft to curious beginners eager to get their hands dirty, San Antonio’s pottery scene offers a haven for all creative souls.


Throwin’ Gold Studios



  • One-Time Workshops
  • Hand Building Classes
  • Potter’s Wheel


10506 GulfDale Street San Antonio, TX 78216


Southwest School of Art



  • Introducing to Throwing
  • Introducing to HandBuilding
  • Throwing Skills
  • Wheel Throwing
  • Advance HandBuilding


501 W. Cesar Chavez Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78207


Monica Rosales

Hi there! My name is Monica and I am absolutely thrilled to be writing about all things pottery. As a lover of the art myself and a pottery class enthusiast, I have found my passion in sharing the beauty and creativity of this craft with others. With my experience in pottery classes across the U.S. and a keen eye for reviewing pottery-related products, I am excited to bring you informative and exciting content about everything pottery. Let's get our hands dirty and dive into the wonderful world of pottery!

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