Pottery Classes In Kansas City

Pottery is an art form that is enjoyed by many, and the city of Kansas City provides a great opportunity to learn the craft. With a number of pottery classes available, there is something for everyone, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned potter. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best pottery classes in Kansas City, and explore what makes them unique. From traditional methods to modern approaches, this overview will help you find the perfect pottery class for your needs.


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Driftwood Ceramics



Classes What will you learn? Hours Time Cost
Handbuilding Clay How to make mugs, planter, dishes, etc. Glaze and do surface design 2 hours 4 weeks $125
Beginning Wheel Learn how to throw on the wheel $140
Intermediate Wheel How to make specific things like lidded jars, teapots, serving dishes and more $175


1827 Buchanan St, North Kansas City, MO 64116


KC Clay Guild

Classes for 4 weeks

Adult Classes

  • Members: $135
  • Non Members: $170

Kids Classes

  • Members: $60
  • Non Members: $70

What’s included?

25 pounds of clay, glazes, firings, and free access to work in the studio independently outside of class time (for adult students only)


200 West 74th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114


Monica Rosales

Hi there! My name is Monica and I am absolutely thrilled to be writing about all things pottery. As a lover of the art myself and a pottery class enthusiast, I have found my passion in sharing the beauty and creativity of this craft with others. With my experience in pottery classes across the U.S. and a keen eye for reviewing pottery-related products, I am excited to bring you informative and exciting content about everything pottery. Let's get our hands dirty and dive into the wonderful world of pottery!

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